Growing Importance Of User Interface Design

Every web designer is a user interface designer in one way or other. So, when it comes to UI designer don’t neglect that it doesn’t concern us. Because we design and use user interface designs in many cases without realizing that is an UI design. In the near future, the role of UI designers will become even more important everywhere. While web pages today have simple user interface designs with no more than navigation and contact forms with it, the rise of new technologies and latest standards will create a demand for more dynamic and customized user experience.

Importance Of Clarity In Call-To-Action

The clarity and vision of the final output is very much important while executing it. Every single page will be having a specific call-to-action to be executed. That particular page and action should be clear in that particular page and section. Items that are logically connected should be grouped together on the screen to communicate they are connected, whereas items that have nothing to do with each other should be separated. You can use white space between collections of items to group them or you can put boxes around them to accomplish the same thing.

Word Your Messages And Labels Effectively

The text you display on your screens is a primary source of information for your users. If your text is worded poorly, then your interface will be perceived poorly by your users. Using full words and sentences, as opposed to abbreviations and codes, makes your text easier to understand.  Your messages should be worded positively, imply that the user is in control, and provide insight into how to use the application properly. For example, which message do you find more appealing “You have input the wrong information” or “An account number should be eight digits in length.” Furthermore, your messages should be worded consistently and displayed in a consistent place on the screen. Although the messages “The person’s first name must be input” and “An account number should be input” are separately worded well, together they are inconsistent. In light of the first message, a better wording of the second message would be “The account number must be input” to make the two messages consistent.

Thus UI design in India is improving in its importance and effectiveness. The work output is also improving alongside expertise in UI design. On adopting the latest trends and following UI principles, the scene of UI will improve further.

I am the Digital marketing manager of Pixint and I post blogs related to our services and at times information oriented. Our range of services include business application, MIS and ERP solution. For more of our blogs, please do visit our website


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