How Information Technology Assists Health Sector?

The adoption of IT in healthcare systems followed the same pattern as like other industries. In the 1950s, when institutions began using new Information Technology to automate highly standardized and repetitive tasks such as accounting and payroll, healthcare and other industry stakeholders also began using IT to process vast amounts of statistical data.

Social Media Adoption By Health Industry

   Integration of social media with the healthcare happens at multiple levels, such as business process, technology and people results in multiple benefits. The social media tools can be planned to be integrated with the legacy customer relationship management systems, using tools which provide real-time, unified access to information across internal systems and social media.

The Latest Application- Big Data Analysis

    The ways in which the insurance companies can involve the patients more by introducing member centric programs in the plan design and how big data will be leveraged to provide the required intelligence to those companies to achieve it is of high importance. If we analyze this scenario, it can very well be inferred that payors usually lack the intelligence which will enable them to customize the wellness program for a member. With the help of Big Data analytics, the data from multiple sources can be analyzed to get the information on the risk exposure of an individual to certain diseases both during the current or in future period.

Seamless Information Exchange

If an elderly patient is discharged from a hospital and going into a nursing home, does her case worker have access to the records in the hospital’s EHR? Does a social worker know if their client is adhering to their prescribed health care plan? When changing care provider networks, can your records follow you? They do if the systems can communicate. The integration of IT gives the next step to ensure these scenarios are possible.

 About Pixint

IT driven health care will be beneficial and valuable than any other implementation and application. So, the IT application is of higher importance of the health care. With rapid updates, the field looks promising too. At Pixint, we have experience combining the healthcare and two fields.


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