Comprehensive Banking Solutions From Pixint Catering

Both Retail and Investment Banks

The banking industry is changing at a rapid pace, and embracing the updates on its way. Be it the Customer relationship in the banking industry or the Retail banks or Investment banks, all the banking sectors are fast adapting the Information Technology trends. Let us see more about the IT related trends and practices related to the banking fields such as Customer relationship department, Retail banking and the giant Investment banking.

Software for Banking Customer Relationship

The customer relationship is growing in its importance and stature in all fields, including the banking field. The banking customer relationship is very important among other banking related features. Retention of customers is highly  important and the relationship management plays a very important role in this. With a software designed for this purpose, the finesse improves and the final result will greatly improve. The customer relationship software is an evolving domain, and shows promising signs.

Retail Banking Trends

The retail banking, with the boom in Private banks is growing at a fast pace. The trends concerning this banking solution are encouraging. The software solution for this industry in particular is also improving. With many companies providing retail banking software solution, we at Pixint differ from them with our utmost care combined with the experience.

Retail Banking

Investment Banking Practices

The large scale investment banks are less in number, but large in its reach and extent. They demand thought-out solutions, since they cannot afford any slippages. The application software development team at Pixint has expertise with Investment banks, so we can guarantee that your needs as an Investment banker will be fulfilled. At Pixint, with the experience and customer satisfaction motto we handle every banking related software projects with the utmost care.  With the passionate professional having experience in developing retail and Investment banking, we understand your needs and satisfy them with our final result output.


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